Derived from paint with an oil-based component, it is commonly used in the field of decorative paints of metal objects to limit rust. So what exactly is alkyd paint?

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Derived from paint with an oil-based component, it is commonly used in the field of decorative paints of metal objects to limit rust. So what exactly is alkyd paint? How are the properties of alkyd paints shown and how are the common applications of this paint in life demonstrated?

1. What is alkyd paint?

Alkyd paint is an oil-based paint that is widely used in areas where high gloss and durability are required. Currently, this type of paint is very popular in the field of interior and exterior.

The main ingredient of the oil-based alkyd paint line is the alkyd resin - this is a chemical component derived from natural plants with the ability to bind.

Alkyd oil paint exists in a slightly viscous liquid form with a certain adhesion, not liquid like pure water. All products that use alkyd paint on the surface are resistant to stubborn dirt and stains.

2. Outstanding properties


It is no coincidence that the Alkyd oil-based paint line is popularly used in the interior field today. To be used as widely as this, alkyd paint itself has many advantages such as:

High strength and wear resistance

This is the most prominent advantage of alkyd paint. Therefore, it is often used to paint the surface of interior products or products that need to be anti-rust, non-stick.

Especially after a long time of use, the gloss and color durability of the paint is still intact. This proves that this oil-based paint line is less prone to oxidation and adverse effects from the external environment. This is also the basis for this paint line to promote its anti-wear effect, which is common today.

Good anti-mold ability

All items painted with alkyd paints are capable of preventing dirt during use.

Easy to use

If other conventional paints often have complicated formulas that can be used, the manipulation of alkyd paint is extremely easy. You just need to mix the paint with the available solvent to complete the painting operation and use it for your purpose.

Extremely good adhesion

Because it is an oil-based paint line, alkyd can easily adhere to many different surfaces such as metal, pure iron, and steel utensils.

High applicability

Alkyd oil-based paints can adhere to any type of surface, from wood to metal. You can also apply alkyd paint directly to the surface of existing water-based paint, but conversely, you cannot apply water-based paint to a previously painted alkyd surface.

If you want to use latex paint over alkyd paint, you must prepare the surface in advance and apply additional primer. Alkyd paint is thick and provides a durable coating on any surface

Some cons of alkyd paints

Less friendly to the living environment

The biggest drawback of alkyd paint is that it is much less environmentally friendly than the common latex paint. The reason is that in this oil-based paint contains chemical solvents that, when used, will create volatile organic compounds that spread into the air, which are extremely toxic.

Less safe with health

Frequent exposure to airborne components of alkyd paints can cause respiratory disorders, nausea, headaches, and danger to infants and pregnant women.

Difficult to clean

If it is unfortunate to paint the alkyd wire on the equipment or the outdoor area that is not in use, it is extremely difficult to clean because this paint is very difficult to clean. You need to use many different diluents and organic solvents.

High price

Compared with water-based paints, alkyd paints are more expensive. Therefore, when it comes to economic problems when using this line of paint and water-based paint, special attention should be paid.

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3. Applications

As mentioned above, alkyd paint is widely used in fields such as:

Anti-wear paint, mold in interior and exterior.

This paint is perfect for walls and decorative surfaces.

Besides, it is also the perfect choice for wooden furniture such as doors, wooden cabinets, and wooden floors.

Notes when using

There is no denying the advantages that alkyd paint brings, but the disadvantages that this paint contains can still directly affect the living environment and health. When using paint should pay attention to points such as:

Should choose to buy genuine paint from famous brands at reputable addresses.

Mix paint according to the requirements and proportions are given by the manufacturer.

Gloves and medical masks should be used when handling paint.

It is advisable to let the paint dry completely before starting to store or move objects.

Store alkyd paints in a cool, dry place away from moisture to prevent denaturation.

Above are the specific answers around what alkyd paint is as well as the application and safety notes when using this paint. To make the most of the advantages that alkyd paint brings, please follow and strictly adhere to the above notes.

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